New Year's Eve Family Gala Aboard The San Francisco Spirit

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  • Ticket Price: $259.00 - $269.00
  • Show Type: New Years
  • Door Time: 08:15 PM
  • Where: San Francisco Spirit Pier 3, Hornblower Landing San Francisco, California 94111


Throughout the year we experience most of happiness and joy, but also trials and tribulations. When all is said and done, ones family is always there by their side. So what better night to celebrate together as one than on New Year’s Eve; the final evening of the year and the night when you can look back at all that you’ve gone through as a unit. San Francisco has a bevy of events to choose from, but while most cater to the young and party-driven folks, there’s one event that’s considered the most popular attractions for families in the area.

Don’t stick to home this New Year’s Eve to celebrate, just hop aboard the gorgeous San Francisco Spirit, a beautiful yacht that offers a multi-sensory experience for the entire family. With plush seating at every turn, and multiple levels where you can dance with your loved ones or take in the views of legendary landmarks in the Bay Area with the kids, there’s no shortage of amenities provided on board. Enjoy world-class cuisine in the beautiful dining area where the entire family can enjoy the buffet menu which boasts Tilapia with Caper Beurre Blanc, grilled chicken breast with tomato coulis, and the chef’s selection of petite pastries and cakes.

While the adults take advantage of the four hours of open bar, the kids can eat or visit the roof deck to watch the fireworks light up the sky at the strike of midnight. Any way you look at it, the New Year’s Eve Family Gala aboard the San Francisco Spirit is the premier family event this year.